Montier Photo Festival


Olivier JOUAUD - Naska Photographie


  100% self-taught, I entered the world of photography a bit by chance wanting to capture the attitude of tiny shrimps freshwater from my aquarium. The attraction of the macro has never been denied. Enriched by my past experiences which allowed me to discover the many facets of the work of a photographer, I have definitely fallen in love with the world of the very young since 2016. Since then, I have flourished in more artistic work and in dreamlike, even magical universes, where I create very personal colorful atmospheres while composing my images with a reflection and an eye close to painting.



This brand new series aims to use the subtleties of backlighting in photography to express my artistic sensibility and sublimate the world of the very young, always in very contrasting and colorful tones as usual. Let yourself be carried away on this magical journey.


Monde Invisible

Monde Invisible

  Author : Naska Photographie (Olivier JOUAUD)
  Publisher : Ramsay
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