Montier Photo Festival
2017 COMPETITIONThe Montier Photo Festival launches its 2017 international wildlife photo competition ! 

Are you passionate about photography and wildlife ? Are you an amateur or a professional photographer ? Enter the Montier Photo Festival competition !

In 2016 the two competitions (the international and the young competitions) became one, it is open to photographers under 16 and over 16 years old.

The competition includes 10 categories, among which a video one and a category for « Man and Nature ».

1. Wild Birds

2. Wild Mammals

3. All Other Wild Animals

4. Wild Plants

5. Patterns, Shapes and Matter of Nature

6. World Landscapes

7. Still Images Sequence will show a consistent, chronological or well-matched set of 3 to 5 images about the previous topics.

8. Filmed Sequences will show a short wildlife video clip of a maximum of 90 seconds about the previous topics.

9. Man and Nature

10. A New Take on Nature Images


Competition details :


Enter and upload your photos here :

Closind date : 30 April 2017


More information: AFPAN « l’Or Vert » /

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