Montier Photo Festival


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Pascal MAITRE (né en 1955, à Buzançais – France).

Après des études de psychologie, Pascal MAITRE commence sa carrière de photojournaliste, en 1979, dans le Groupe Jeune Afrique. A partir de 1984, il rejoint le staff de l’agence Gamma. En 1989, il co-fonde l’agence Odyssey Images.

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Région Grand Est

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L'ambition de la Région Grand Est est d’apporter la connaissance et de permettre la mobilisation de tous les acteurs du territoire autour de la biodiversité. Dans cet esprit, la Région, en lien avec l’Etat, porte la Stratégie Régionale Biodiversité (SRB). Ambitieuse et pragmatique, elle se décline au travers d'actions répondant à 36 défis, pour atteindr [...]

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More than a passion, wildlife photography is a commitment for Maxime Aliga. He travels the world through scientific studies of wildlife or as a volunteer for associations working for the preservation of nature. Photography allows him to bear witness, on the one hand, to the beauty of nature and its fragility, but also to show the marvelous and effective work of certain women and men who protect it [...]

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Amazonie Immersive

Renato Soares : photographer and documentary filmmaker. He started his career in photography in 1986 and, since then, he has been travelling to portray the different forms of cultural expression of Brazilian ethnic groups. His identification with the indigenous universe comes from his childhood, and was consolidated during his first contacts with tribes in remote areas of the Amazon and also throu [...]

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Collective stand of Haut-Marnais producers and artisans offering local products to take away or on site! Beers, wines, honeys, cookies or even sausages with lentils. Come, enjoy and leave with a small piece of Haute-Marne in your luggage. [...]

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Catherine MARION

For 35 years, I have been travelling polar and subpolar regions, and to capture these magical moments, the photo then the video allowed me to express my emotions. Ever since I discovered these remote areas of British Columbia, and my encounter with the “Spirit Bear” or Kermode bear, the primary rainforest has impressed me more than anything. Beyond travel, photography, and wildlife, I am passi [...]

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My fascination with marine mammals led me to join a research team focused on monitoring cetaceans in the territory of the Gitga'at First Nation in British Columbia, Canada. During many trips into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, friendships with the members of the Gitga'at community were forged. They invited me back to continue helping them with their research on cetaceans, and allowed me t [...]

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Olivier LAVIGNE et Rémy MARION

Olivier Lavigne was born in Arles in 1977. After studying plastic arts and writing his thesis called "L'Humour", an alternative to the spectacular, he turned to graphic design and illustration. Today, he's living in a small village in the Ardèche mountains, and does not despair of one day encountering the trace of a lost bear. Rémy Marion has been exploring the Arctic since the 1980s. Speaker, p [...]

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