Montier Photo Festival





  To travel is to learn and to photograph is to tell. Photographer and founder Photographer of the World, Vincent shares with you more than 15 years of experience in travel and shooting, to develop your view of the world. Pro photographer (travel, culinary, corporate) his work is represented by the famous agency Hemis (Reza, Yann Arthus Bertrand, etc.)


   Samedi 19 novembre 2022

   17h45 - 19h00


Discovered in images and anecdotes of Swedish Lapland, this territory where the northern lights illuminate every night the land of the Sames. Between breathtaking Arctic landscapes where the elements -ice, snow, wind and silence- sublimate the days, and the skies covered with stars and auroras that ignite the nights, Vincent introduces you to the Sami culture, these nomads guarding the moors living to the rhythm of reindeer. This conference will also be an opportunity to share tips for preparing and shooting the northern lights. To photograph Swedish Lapland is to give the world the curiosity it deserves.