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Scott Davis is a wildlife researcher, international photography expedition leader, and professional photojournalist specializing in wildlife, travel, documentary and editorial imagery. Originally trained as a wildlife and marine biologist, Scott's research, photo assignments and expeditions have repeatedly taken him to the far remote corners of the globe and all seven continents.
        Scott is a National Geographic Society Grant recipient and has co-authored and published several peer reviewed scientific articles investigating aspects of animal behavior. He has worked with and consulted for National Geographic, BBC, and Animal Planet Series. He has stringed for Reuters News Service in Africa. His photographic work has appeared in ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies as well as commercial websites, prestigious stock agencies, Federal reports, national and international magazines and newspapers including WWF, Rainforest Connection, the San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, Microsoft, Sport Diver, Conde Nast, AFAR, Focus, and Der Spiegel to name a few.
When not hopping a plane, train or automobile in search of his next subject, Scott currently makes his residence in Monterey, California.


A Struggle to Survive.
Indigenous peoples around the world today face a range of dire challenges. The effects of climate change, environmental depredation and resource scarcity, technological change, and political and social pressure to assimilate to dominant modes of living, working, and worshiping threaten to obliterate their cultural traditions. The men, women, and children in these photographs stand at a threshold, pushing against and sometimes joining the forces of “progress” that would extinguish their unique ways of being human, or turn them into commodities to be sold on the global market. Looking into the eyes of these people, one is struck by the tranquility and self-possession with which they confront the upheaval of our world.

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