[:fr]Montier Festival Photo - Concours 2016 - Autres animaux sauvages de pleine nature[:]


Montier Photo Festival

Regard du Vivant présente Olivier LARREY et Yves FAGNIART

  Olivier Larrey has been a professional photographer and travel guide for eight years. He devotes most of his work to the cold areas, from the European mountains to those in Asia passing by the polar regions. His images are regularly published in the press and he is co-author of two recent works: Taïga (2016, ed. Regard du Vivant) and Grand Nord (2019, ed. E/P/A). His work has been featured in a dozen photographic exhibitions presented in various European countries, and he regularly collaborates with French and Belgian television channels for the production of feature stories and documentary films. Yves Fagniart A professional artist and driven since his youngest age by passion for nature, the Belgian animal painter Yves Fagniart has been practising naturalistic art for several years. His works are internationally recognized and regularly exhibited in various countries. These qualities have enabled it, since 2005, to be regularly mandated by the United Nations (AEWA Convention) to follow the evolution of several species of migratory birds and their environment in Europe and Africa. Yves regularly publishes his work in Belgian, French and Dutch editions, and has realized numerous artistic exhibitions. In addition, he regularly collaborates with Belgian television for the production of stories


This is a polar story that Yves Fagniart and Olivier Larrey invite us to share in an original and unique exhibition. From the Icelandic lands to the Svalbard Archipelago, a water-colour artist and wildlife photographer have joined their arts and passion for the wildlife of the big North. Yves designed and painted the landscapes and animals with the colors of summer. As for Olivier, he photographed them in black and white against a backdrop of winter atmospheres. From their most beautiful encounters with animals during fifteen or so trips to the Arctic, they extracted the most intimate moments. Through these two distinct but complementary portraits of a little known universe, it is all the poetry of the tundra that they offer us to contemplate.

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