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mille traces



  Who will represent the association "Mille Traces"? Jean Marie Ouary, naturalist guide for 30 years, for the association "Mille Traces"; passionate nature since childhood, many expeditions (especially on the African continent), a passion mustelidae, in Europe and Africa, is developping anti-fight trainingpoaching and tracking


   Samedi 19 novembre 2022

   15h00 - 16h30


The "Mille Traces" association has a network of more than 200 sentinels already trained in various actions of protection of nature, including the fight against poaching for some, in view of this experience, we will make an overview of poaching; we will show you how necessary it is, for everyone who advocates for the preservation of biodiversity, to quickly discover the act of poaching AND the reaction to have behind it. We will discover the "tricks" of this world of the invisible visible, this world outside the laws, multiple accessories will be unveiled, and of course, we will give the way to reduce this scourge! A multitude of actions will make you live the terrain! Of course, exchanges, because this is a time for you and then figures to realize the importance of acting.