Montier Photo Festival


Jean-Pierre TURMO



  PHOTOGRAPHE DU MONDE. With more than 50 countries visited, I am a traveling photographer, always curious to discover the ethnic diversity and beauty of nature. Conqueror of the impossible, I like to go where no one goes and discover landscapes of the origins of humanity. My artistic approach is simple, a hymn to the beauty of nature. It is to capture the decisive moment in a beautiful light, in contact with the roots of life and the unconscious. I like to bring poetry to everything around me, and share with you the intoxication of the magical moment.


   Samedi 19 novembre 2022

   14h00 - 15h30


A poetic approach to nature Series of photographic montages on a musical background of 6 to 10 minutes each : It's time to Disconnect… Enter quietly into this dreamlike interpretation of images. 100% NATURE will transport you, where no one goes, you will dream an impossible dream. I invite you to ride in a caravan driven by divine emotion. Then, conqueror of absolute, after having swam in an emerald ocean, crossed crystal ice and diamond rivers, we will pass on the other side… In this Pure World, where the stars sleep, everyone can finally enjoy the magical moment of ecstasy… THE THREE DOORS OF WISDOM - Singing Swans, Japanese macaque, Japanese Crane Wedding Dance ENCHANTMENT - At the water’s edge, Purple Herons, Swans, Mallard Ducks, Black-necked Grebes, Coots in the Dombes AN AWAKENING DREAM - Landscapes of Iceland in winter MY DREAM - Landscapes of Patagonia BEYOND DREAMS - Landscapes of the Andes A PURE DIAMOND - Landscapes, penguins of Antarctica ICE BLUE - Landscapes of Antarctica A PURE WORLD - Polar bears, Arctic fox, walrus, ringed seal, Terns, Arctic Landscapes THE PEOPLE’S KINGDOM CACHE - Puffins, Terns, Icelandic Landscapes in Spring After the screening, I will answer your questions. Photographs, directed by Jean Pierre Turmo I dedicate this screening to my two loves, my wife Cathy and my daughter Céline