Montier Photo Festival


Escursia - Terres oubliées



  Guide ornithologist on the lake of Der, Gérard Rolin also guide for Escursia-Terres forgotten from numerous ornithological and naturalistic journeys in Europe, Africa and Asia.


   Vendredi 18 novembre 2022

   16h45 - 17h15


Back from West Papua New Guinea, Gérard Rolin presents his trip to this still little visited country rich in more than 700 bird species, of which nearly half are endemic to New Guinea and 65 of this part of the island. The opportunity to discover some of the 18 species of birds of paradise during this trip and many remarkable species: pigeons, tree kingfishers and colorful parrots, frogmouth champions of mimicry, bowerbirds building and decorating amazing structures to seduce females...