Montier Photo Festival





  Born in 1973, photographer, Carole Reboul lives at the foot of the Cévennes, in France. Oscillating between the infinitely small (macrophotography) and the infinitely large (night landscapes), she finds the same emotions, which she tries to transcribe. These hours spent contemplating the stars, dreaming in the moonlight, following a butterfly, breathing a flower, admiring the light through the trees, are a real vital need. It is an indispensable step to understand that we are only a small part of a larger and more fragile whole where everything is linked. An artistic and committed book, «Il était une fois la nuit», published by La Salamandre, was published in the fall of 2021, in which it tells the story of the night in nature, the beauty of the starry sky, the need for darkness in living beings and the impact of light pollution.


   Vendredi 18 novembre 2022

   15h00 - 16h30


Light pollution is one of the scourges of this century. By questioning our place in the Universe, and by training us to discover the nightlife of fauna and flora, Carole Reboul leads us to reconsider the importance of the starry sky and our need for darkness.