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  Born in Burgundy in 1993. For many years, my work has aimed to capture inspiring stories and promote the preservation of nature through my photography.I am a photographer and explorer specializing in the far north.Passionate about wide open spaces and the last wild frontiers, I have a deep connection to the north that leads me to work frequently, in Alaska, Scandinavia and Canada. I am the author of the book: And the wolf continues to run in the forests of Alaska published in February 2020. My photographic work is largely inspired by literature such as the writings of Jack London, David Henry Thoreau and Jon Krakauer.


   Dimanche 21 novembre 2021

   10h00 - 11h15


In search of the wolf and the bear. (Alaska/Yukon) In 2015, I decided to leave everything behind and head for Alaska and the wilderness. An exploration that took me farther than I could have imagined. During this talk, I will discuss my quest for the wolf and the bear. A dive into Alaska and Yukon through stories from my explorations and First Nations legends.


Et le loup continue de courir dans les forêts d'Alaska

Et le loup continue de courir dans les forêts d'Alaska

  Author : Antonin Charbouillot
  Publisher : MOKKÖ EDITIONS
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