Montier Photo Festival


Amarok l'esprit nature avec Joël BRUNET



  Self-taught photographer and filmmaker for 25 years, Joël Brunet is in perpetual search of creativity and originality. His images are a quest for beautiful light. Passionate and naturalist above all, he tries to show nature in its most artistic aspects and to sensitize the public to its necessary preservation. He is specialized in the observation of carnivores such as the Wild Cat, the fox, the Ermine, the Badger, the Marten etc, since 2014 he organizes courses for the observation and the initiation to the shooting of these species. Joël Brunet has been exhibiting his work at major festivals for 20 years, such as the Montier en der Festival, Namur, Ménigoute etc... and he's regularly collaborating in several magazines. He has won awards at several international competitions, including in Namur (Belgium), the Wildlife Photographer of the Year (London – United Kingdom), the Montier en Der International Festival, the GDT (Germany), and Asférico (Italy). He has directed several films "Des Prédateurs et des Hommes" (2013) devoted to the role of voles predators in the prairies, "Grand Grouse and Grouse" (2014) and finally "De Griffes et de Crocs" (2017) a 52-minute film dedicated to the Wildcat. He regularly hosts conference screenings throughout France, focusing on the protection of nature. In 2018 and 2020 he published two photographic works on his region of the Jura Massif "Bugey sauvage". He joins the Amarok team to put at your service his human qualities, his field experience and his artistic vision of the photographer.


   Jeudi 17 novembre 2022

   17h45 - 18h30


Alaska, Canada Yukon, The Land of the Eagle and Grizzly Bear - Wildlife Observation and Photography This exceptional journey takes us to one of the wildest parts of the world, where eagles and grizzly bears are king. Nature offers us the wildest of things, and men are scarce. On the border between the Canadian Yukon and American Alaska, our guide Joël Brunet will take you through his images.