Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival



  I am a wildlife photographer and naturalist. I come from the Limousin region from a small city in the Haute-Vienne. I live rurally since I was a young man and I’ve been walking through fields and forests all the time. I always liked watching wild animals in their environment, breathing the pure air of the forests, living in the heart of this nature quite simply. The passion for wildlife photography began in 2006, when I was almost 16 years old, I wanted to capture a few moments of the life of a goat who was, every night, in a meadow not far from home. After a few cells, it was the click and since that day, my camera hasn’t really left me.



The exhibition (A la rencontre du p'tit roux) is an exhibition dedicated to the red fox. The red fox is, for me, the most interesting animal, discreet, mysterious and also the most lovely that I have ever seen in more than 10 years of photography in the field. Every encounter is different, every fox is different, and I’m not talking about the emotions that come from crossing its eyes.