Montier Photo Festival


Laurent BAHEUX, en partenariat avec Ushuaia TV


  Born in 1970, Laurent Baheux began his career with sports photography, before turning to wilder lands. In 2007, he received the Creative Visions of Nature Award at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year International Competition. Since then, he has devoted his career to this particular kind of photography. During 15 years, he travelled through the last preserved spaces, witnessing the remains of wildlife. Thanks to this approach, he received numerous awards and distinctions. He has also participated in various books on wildlife photography and wildlife.


   Dimanche 21 novembre 2021



Directed by Mathieu Le Lay, the documentary "Félins noir sur blanc" follows Laurent Baheux in the heart of the African bush. Indeed, the director produced an unpublished documentary, in black and white, closest to Laurent Baheux. The lion, the photographer’s favourite animal, is the thread of the 52-minute documentary, immersed in this fragile and grandiose environment. “The lion is the animal that fascinates me the most because it perfectly illustrates the mixture of strength and fragility.” explains Laurent Baheux.  Scenes and portraits of other animals parade, focusing the cheetah or the leopard. Shaking up the codes of the documentary, "Félins noir sur blanc" brings on the screens wild scenes in Black and White, whose meaning of each is thought with finesse. This in order to create a kind of televised fable, whose preamble is one of the favorite quotes of the photographer:»Neither cage, nor enclosure, nor circus, nor zoo, in freedom, in the wild, captivity is a physical and mental torture, For animals, as for men.»